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15 Feb 2012
SQL Server Replication and Teradata


We are planning to replicate data from MS SQL Server databases to Teradata RDBMS using SQL Server Replication, and we would like to know whether it is possible or not? if it is possible then what tools we need to have from Teradata side? odbc, tpump or ole load etc.. Please let me know. 

Thanks for your time on this!


Bhanu P

Vikr 4 posts Joined 02/12
18 Feb 2012

I dont think we can replicate directly from SQL Server to Teradata. 

One of the way it can be done it by using replication tools like Active Mirror to generate flatfiles and load flatfiles into teradata using teradata utilities like fload/mload, odbc or tpt

Another way this can be ( if volume isnt huge and real time feed isnt needed) done by using ETL tool to load the data into Teradata Staging tables.

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