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dpotnuru75 2 posts Joined 06/10
11 Jun 2010
Security Code vulnerabilities in Informatica seciprts, BTEQ Scripts


I am doing the infromation security code review for the BTEQ scripts. I am just wondering, What type of Security vulnerabilites can be done by the BTEQ scripts developers and in informatica scripts. Please guide me in finding the security code review for the BTEQ scripts. Send me the list of vulnerabilties that most of the developer commit during BTEQ script developemnt.


Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
22 Jun 2010


Your statement is bit confusing .... Informatica mappings are being developed over BTEQ scripts? Or BTEQ scripts are being used in Informatica mappings?



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dpotnuru75 2 posts Joined 06/10
24 Jun 2010

Hi Adeel,

I am looking at both the BTEQ scripts and informatica mapping files.. My question is what type of security threats can be commited by developers while writing the BTEQ scripts.


ywjcjj 36 posts Joined 06/08
30 Jul 2010

Store log in information in BTEQ scripts.

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