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wderwedu 3 posts Joined 11/12
29 Oct 2013
Scheduling stored procedures/SQL

I have several stored procedures and SQL scripts on Teradata of which some can run in parrallel, others are dependent on each other. What is the best way to launch this is some way automatically on predefined times, with a minimal error detection that dependent SQL or stored procedures are not launched when the previous has failed.
Does anyone know of a tool? Or how do you solve this?


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
08 Nov 2013

My way of solving this is have a master stored procecdure. Inside this stored procedure, you can 

call other stored procs and queries.Each and every step I make sure that I have variables strt_time, end_time, count etc and log these occurences calling a log stored proc. I even think of BT, ET for an explicit transaction. So in this way you can stuff things you want in one place, store proc and explicit transaction.


You can even think of running from bteq in combination with Unix scripting.


Of course there are other tools I have seen doing better job--- plug and play.




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