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atalukder 16 posts Joined 01/12
21 Feb 2013
Question on TARALaunch Utility of Tivoli

We need to run backup job in batch mode by using TARALaunch utility of Tivoli. 
I have checked in the manual that TARALaunch Syntax from command line is like below:  On this syntax I have some questions:
taralaunch -u administrator -p fqn6t -j MyBackupJob
I assume this userid should exist in the system (TARA Server) from where TARALaunch will be submitted. (In out case it should be in Linux). I just want to understand if I am thinking right. Please let me know
Can I directly use the script generated from TARA GUI?  Or I need to edit the script to add/delete/update any syntax in the script? I am little confused here. So, I wanted to see a sample script which was run successfully by using TARALaunch.
It will be really helpful if any of you share with me a sample script which was successfully run by using TARALaunch.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Akleema Talukder
Sr Database Administartor

PaulEr 5 posts Joined 04/12
06 Mar 2013

Yes, you could directly use the script generated in TARA Gui.

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