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kohmsaravanan 1 post Joined 04/07
03 Apr 2008
Ports Required for Teradata to be connected

Hi I have installed Teradata on my PC and wanted to connect to Teradata Server. There are some Firewall policies in the organisation for which when I contacted the Network Admin he asked me what are the ports needs to be opened to access Teradata from my PC. I didnt find any answer for the question. Please help me on the same.Ohmsaravanan Karthikeyan

amr.abdelazeez 3 posts Joined 03/09
06 Apr 2009

i faced the same problem please if any one can provide us the port number that used by teradata.thanks in advance

amr.abdelazeez 3 posts Joined 03/09
06 Apr 2009

visit this link to know the port number

20 Jan 2011

The registered port for Teradata is 1025.

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