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Max.Lee 8 posts Joined 09/07
08 Sep 2007
Pls help, for TeraData function

We will generate some reports from TeraData, due to the business logic is too complex, we may need to create function in TeraData, and use them as below:select function(V_DIM_ACCOUNT.Acct_Num) from V_Dim_Account;As I can see now, TeraData seems don't support using SQL to write function but procedure, but procedure can't fit our requirement because I can't use it in a simple select sql. Is there anyone have writen any functions in Teradata before, can you send some samples to me about this?

Umesh Bansal 6 posts Joined 01/08
12 Feb 2008

Hi,For availing the teradata function you have to write the function in C language. as of now i know my knowledge in teradata says

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