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TD_lover 8 posts Joined 06/13
30 Aug 2013
INSERTing into same table using Multiple thread from Webmethod

This is regarding WebMethod-Teradat interface. We are required to run an INSERT operation from WebMethod using multiple threads. Now I want to know how this going to impact the teradata database transaction processing. If each thread is trying to  write it's data into the same table, then will there be any lock contention ? 
An early reply will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

keets_teradata 3 posts Joined 02/13
26 Sep 2013

The first insert thread would hold the Write lock on the table until the process is completed. Even though you try to use multiple threads on a transanction, teradata should handle it serially for maintaining the data integrity.
You could try loading the data in few stage tables parallely and have one merge or insert query to main tables. This time Teradata Teradata will take care of inserting the data in bulk load. Hope this helps.

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