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10 Jan 2013
Informatica concurrent data load to Teradata - Locking issue and suspected band-aid solution by service provider


A third party vendor has developed a data mart application for us and now they are deploying it.  This is a cloud based 

application using Informatica 9.0 and Teradata 13 database. The source data files are comming from different locations

in the same format and Informatica is doing concurrent data load to the Teradata tables. During the production runs we get errors

relaed to locking of the Teradata tables. The vendor's implementation and warrenty support team is saying these 

locks are MLOAD locks and they will put a sleep comand in the batch script to delay the concurrent Informatica

sessions.  I am not a very technical person but this seems to be a bandaid solution.  I am also worried the impact

on the scalability of the solution by doing this. The vendor is saying it is fine but we know once the warrenty 

support period is over, then they will charge for any changes.  Is there any better way to solve this issue than this sleep command.  

Please help.





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