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jchua 1 post Joined 11/09
16 Apr 2010
IBM DataStage and Teradata Control Framework

Hi All,

Has there ever been an implementation of the Teradata Control Framework on IBM DataStage?

And if the said Teradata Control Framework had utilized the InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization for implementation?

Any advise is highly appreciated.

Many thanks!

bhaskar3105 4 posts Joined 04/10
12 Jan 2012

Hi All,

Could someone give me some idea about Teradata control Framework and how can it be used effectively?

Kindly share you have any solution design for the same.



catherine.chen 1 post Joined 03/12
04 Mar 2012

Control Framework is a innovative Data Warehouse loading than traditional Data Warehouse .
CFW can make it happened that show the data changed by start_date and end_date
every rows effecitively when implemented Physical Data Model. Befor PDM, Logical Data Model is
needed to be designed according to your business. And it is suggested using 3 NF methodology
to design your model.

Rajesh.Prabhu 16 posts Joined 08/06
22 Feb 2013

Catherine can you please share any white paper/links on CFW ?

bmkumar 8 posts Joined 11/06
09 Jan 2014

Please share any White Papers/Links on CFW and it's process.

Thanks & Regards, B Mohan Kumar Teradata Certified Master

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