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chinnababu 18 posts Joined 02/07
01 Mar 2007
how to extract only mondays in 2007

Needs extract only mondays in can i achevie using Teradata SQLThanksChinna

02 Mar 2007

Chinna,Your question is very vague. Do you have a table which has a date column and do you want to extract Mondays from those values or in general from calendar view?Yet I guess this select will help you achieve if you change it according to your needs. The following SQL extracts all Mondays in the date range mentioned in the where * from sys_calendar.calendar where day_of_week=2 and calendar_date between date -77 and dateorder by 1;Also check this URL when you have time. this serves your question.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

tanova535 7 posts Joined 01/06
09 Mar 2007

try:select calendar_datefrom sys_calendar.calendar where day_of_week=2 and year_of_calendar = 2007order by 1;

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