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neerndg123 1 post Joined 09/12
29 Oct 2013
How to configure email sending from Teradata VMWare Linux box?

Hi Experts,

I am using a VMWare download from this site with name -> TDExpress14.0Sles10_4GB on my Windows 7 SP1 64bit desktop PC.

I want to know how to configure send mail option in this Linux box so that I will be able to send success/failure notifications via this Linux box. I have searched a few places but there is no mention how to configure it. I need it because I am developing a Unix shell script to send mail notifications and I only have this Linux box to develop and test it.

I have tried the following commands:
but I dint get any error message, warning nor I receive any email.

Is it possible to configure send mail on VMWare Linux box? What all I need to do for this?


veehell 19 posts Joined 07/12
30 Oct 2013

there is installed 'postfix'. So what you need is to check configuration(mx entries, smtp server) and start-up the daemon. After that, your 'mailx -s "subject" "" should work as used to. 
Getting no error is normal, because postfix is trying to deliver your email for few days, so it is severity 'warning' not 'error', check /var/spool/mail/root (or issue 'mail' command on shell ; and you will see the pending mails) for more details (or if you are sending it from some "td_user" check /var/spool/td_user instead). If you do not run 'postfix', you should recieve info from 'postdrop' utility (that configuration is not right).
By default you can send email(s) within the vmware box/localhost.localdomain only. So when testing and developing script you can send email from root to td_user normally without any reconfiguration. As this is working for me without touching any config files: mailx -s "TEST" -a "" "root@localhost"


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