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AndyXu 3 posts Joined 05/13
31 Oct 2013
How can I make the "Teradata Express for VMware Player" 's connect work?

Oh ,I hope someone came acorss the same problem like me.
I have downloaded the TDE for VMware 40GB( 2.7GB).
Then I open it with VMware8.0.2 and start tpa well.
After that I found the network cann't used.
First I searched on Internet and found modify Win7's regedit.msc can make VMnet8&VMnet1 become "Enable".
My TDE for VMware 40GB's default network setting is NAT. its eth0's IPaddr is My Host computer is
I can ping my TDE 13.10( well from Host(Win7).
But in the WMware, I can not ping It's nothing responds. 100% lost package.
I have checked my host firewall, it was closed. Other computer in the same LAN of my computer could connect me.
So what's other setting should I change??? And what's is the profile e1000???

AndyXu 3 posts Joined 05/13
05 Nov 2013

I resolved the problem.
I changed the VMware Network Setting from 'NAT' to 'Bridge'. It means the virtual machine and my host computer on the same LAN.
I don't know why the network mode 'NAT' can not work. Anyway , the VM can connect internet.

AndyXu 3 posts Joined 05/13
06 Nov 2013

I have another qusetion ,if the profile e1000 is used to do emulate the Bynet???

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