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ND_Siouxfan 1 post Joined 05/09
14 Jan 2011
Geospatial data types in BI Tools

Anyone integrated geospatial data into 3rd party tools such as Cognos or Microsoft? I've attempted with Microsoft, but must be missing something in how certain data types translate between the .NET provider and ReportBuilder 3.0.

Thanks in advance

mnylin 118 posts Joined 12/09
28 Jun 2011

I'm not familiar with any BI tool that includes native support for geospatial data. However, we've begun investigating a product by APOS that integrates with SAP's BusinessObjects BI suite to aid in visualizing and doing analysis with geospatial data.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
05 Aug 2011

Teradata Geospatial types are converted into String. Currently the ADO.NET specification does not support Geospatial data types.

ADO.NET or more specifically Entity-Framework will support Geospatial; see

The String representation of Teradata Geospatial types can be used with the futuer DB-Geospatial classes.

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