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24 Sep 2009
Demo on Win 2003 Server - Connection reset by peer

Hello allGetting the above with fresh install of TDE 12 on Win2003 Server using both "out of the box" and updated ( ODBC drivers. Strange things happen when using BTEQWin, too - just had the database restart on me while executing a select against dbc.columns as a test (i.e. to pinpoint ODBC as the problem). The test failed, so the problem is not necessarily ODBC-related. I seem to get a TD restart (almost) every time I submit a query.Teradata Service Control app. shows TD switching from "Running" to "RESET/STOPTASKS", then going into "START/NETCONFIG" etc... effectively restarting itself after some unexpected failure.Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Or do I have to put it on XP for it to work reliably/at all?ThanksJames

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