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09 Nov 2015
Datastage interaction with Teradata in Immediate mode

I am trying to understand how Datastage interacts with Teradata in Immedaite mode. During my testing, I created a Datastage job with TD connector as  source and destination to just select from one table and load into another table. 
The load operation is in immedaite mode. So once the job is complete, I queried DBQLogtbl to see how the insert query is sent to Teradata from DS. It used a different format of query as below
"USING (Lookup_ref INTEGER, Code_Col CHAR(6), Code_Col_2 VARCHAR(6)) INSERT INTO DEV1.trial_op(Lookup_ref,Code_Col,Code_Col_2) VALUES(:Lookup_ref,:Code_Col,:Code_Col_2)"
This does not look like a valid query when I try to run from SQL assistant. How is this query getting executed from datastage?
And it is mentioned that Datastage connects to TD using CLI in immediate mode. Is this same as connecting using bteq from unix? even Bteq connects to TD using CLI right?

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