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hashah88 2 posts Joined 03/14
23 Jul 2014
Creating Temporary tables through Excel

Is there a way to create temporary tables in Teradata using an Excel connection?  I would like to run a select query afterwards, which I can run.  However, creating the temporary tables is difficulat.

Ashoktera 12 posts Joined 03/14
24 Jul 2014

i believe you have data in excel and wanted to load in teradata  table for temperory purpose. 
You may use csv format and upload it to teradata table through SQL assistant export option or Bteq with vartext mode. And can query the table after load.


hashah88 2 posts Joined 03/14
24 Jul 2014

Thanks for the reply, I basically have a select query linked to Teradata in Excel.  However, that select query contains temporary tables in joins, and therefore I want to create those temporary tables prior to the select query being ran.  With that said, is it possible to setup a function to execute the create volatile table query from Excel itself. 

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