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LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
07 Oct 2009


this is a second post, looks like the former one is lost ...
an attempt to connect INFORMATICA to TERADATA via ODBC returns an error :
[DataDirect][ODBC Teradata Client driver][Teradata]The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.TVM.

Does anybody know why INFORMATICA should access DBC.TVM ?
read access is given on dbc.tables, dbc.databases ...
Thanks for giving links or details on the rights that are required,


David.Roth 5 posts Joined 05/09
26 Oct 2009

Most tools access dbc tables/views to retrieve metadata information about the database objects. I'm surprised it's only these three so far, it will probably want access to dbc.columns also


Thiruppathi 1 post Joined 11/09
12 Nov 2009

Hi, All dbc.tables, dbc.databases & dbc.columns are views based on dbc.tvm table. When we create any User in Teradata, by default it grant SELECT access to most of the dbc views..So in case if you read data it allows..but when you try to read the structure of views then it throws error. i believe may be you are trying to import the structure/metadata of the dbc views within you DBA and get SELECT access to dbc.tvm table too.

in simple terms: if you execute "Select * from dbc.tables " - it works fine
but when you execute "Show select * from dbc.tables" - it throws an error "The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.TVM"


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