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14 Mar 2013
Compatibility: TD12 - Datastage 8.7

Hi to all,
i need to know if the version 8.7 of IBM Datastage is declared compatible with Teradata V12, from side Teradata.
Where i can find a document that say me this?

knowledge 27 posts Joined 11/11
15 Mar 2013

No one know it???

knowledge 27 posts Joined 11/11
20 Mar 2013

I reply at myself:
Teradata side, the versions of Datastage 8.0.1/8.5/8.10 (InfoSphere Information Server) are declared compatible with Teradata V12 but not the version 8.7.
I hope this will help some other.

crewdy 8 posts Joined 03/10
09 Apr 2013

Correct according with the Interoperability Matrix but check with IBM themselves as they carry out the certification it may be a combination they have not considered.

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