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Suchetamtr 1 post Joined 09/11
21 Sep 2011
compatibility between Sun One Directory Server 6.1 and Teradata Drivers 13.0

I wanted to know if Teradata Drivers version 13.0 has any compatibility issue with Sun One Directory Server version 6.1.



tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
21 Sep 2011

Are you asking about support for LDAP authentication?

LDAP authentication support is actually a Teradata Database feature. You will want to refer to the Teradata Database "Security Administration" reference for your version of the Teradata Database.

You can find a link to the Security Administration manuals on this page:

In the Security Administration manual, go to the chapter titled "Directory Management of Database Users", and please refer to the section titled "Supported Directories".


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