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flair123 3 posts Joined 10/07
24 Oct 2007
Can we give ROLENAME in the CREATE USER quey?

Hi all,Can we give ROLENAME in the CREATE USER quey?I got sample query:[color=11][size=6]"CREATE USER Jones FROM td2idm AS PERMANENT = 1000000 BYTES, SPOOL = 1000000 BYTES PASSWORD = Jan123456, ROLEBACK= ALL, FALLBACK;"[/size][/color]But this query gives me an error as:[color=11][size=6]" com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [NCR] [Teradata DBMS] : Syntax error, expected something like a 'JOURNAL' keyword between ',' and the word 'ROLENAME'."[/size][/color]Please reply me......thanks in adv........

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
01 Nov 2007

flair123,I am sorry, but I have never seen a reserved word "ROLEBACK" before! Is it a new reserved word?Following I have inserted a CREATE USER structure that may help you:CREATE USER "Jones" FROM "td2idm"AS PERM = 1000000 BYTES, SPOOL = 1000000 BYTESPASSWORD = Jan123456FALLBACKNO BEFORE JOURNALNO AFTER JOURNALPROFILE=NULLDEFAULT ROLE=NULLCheers!



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