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sharma.anurag 1 post Joined 03/06
07 Mar 2006
Calling sp through ODBC

Hi All,I am facing a problem while call an stored procedure from odbc driver.I m working with and my database is teradata. The page gets hanged while i call stored procedure.If anyone have some code to call SP with in and out parameter please send it. May be it will held me

simon.chandler 2 posts Joined 10/05
23 May 2006

Don't rubbish my code but it works fine. It was written in FrontPage.Create User<script language="JavaScript"></script><script language="JavaScript"></script> <script language="JavaScript"></script> <script language="JavaScript"></script> <script language="JavaScript"></script>If you need to create a Lite02 on OPS DATAMART User Do Notuse this page click ME to go to the rightpage<script Language="JavaScript" Type="text/javascript"></script> User Name " size="20" maxlength="7"> First Name " size="20"> Last Name " size="20"> <% if 0 then %><script Language="JavaScript">document.write("The Database Results component on this page is unable to display database content. The page must have a filename ending in '.asp', and the web must be hosted on a server that supports Active Server Pages.");</script><% end if %><%fp_sQry="CALL PRODROOT.CREATEUSER5('PROD','::UserName::','REP',0,32,0,'::UserName::','$M1$PRODREP','::GivenName::','::FamilyName::',RESULTMSG,HypLink); "fp_sDefault="UserName=&UserName=&GivenName=&FamilyName="fp_sNoRecords="No records returned."fp_sDataConn="Database1"fp_iMaxRecords=0fp_iCommandType=1fp_iPageSize=0fp_fTableFormat=Falsefp_fMenuFormat=Falsefp_sMenuChoice="ResultMsg"fp_sMenuValue="ResultMsg"fp_iDisplayCols=2fp_fCustomQuery=TrueBOTID=0fp_iRegion=BOTID%> Result           : <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"ResultMsg")%> Click Here   : "> <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"HypLink")%>Click thehyperlink Next to Click here.  This will take you to the permissions pagedirectly with the Username already filled out for your convenience.  If you receive an error please contact Simon Chandler Ext.4102.

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