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29 Feb 2012
Business Objects passing END SQL values to Teradata so they appear in DBQL

Has anyone managed to get the BO END SQL parameters to appear in DBQL?

Our BO Administrator says it is possible to tag BO username, universe, etc to the end of every SQL sent to Teradata after the semi-colon. However, when we tried this DBQL did not record anything after the semi-colon.

The Teradata ODBC User Guide also has the following which suggests this is not possible:

ANSI Comments in SQL Requests

The ANSI comment starting with two dashes and ending at end-of-line may be used in SQL requests. The comment is removed by the ODBC parser before the request is sent to the Teradata Database.

BTW - ARM (Aprimo Relationship Manager) does manage to do this but inserts the comment (using --) before the semi-colon.

If we could get the END SQL to appear in DBQL we can investigate the poor performing jobs and tie it down to user and universe. At present we are using a generic user for all BO interaction.



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