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Have questions related to the interaction of non-Teradata software with Teradata? This is the place to ask questions about any of our partners' software.

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Sublime text as Interactive BTEQ editor Topic by maximumwoltage 03 Mar 2015 bteq, sublime text, osx

Has anybody out there in the Teradata community tried creating a custom build system in Sublime Text (i.e. this guy did it for psql - If so, would you mind sharing your build-system code as an example? Thanks in advance!

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'enabled' column Topic by premkishore83 14 Jul 2016

Hi All,
We are in the process of moving from Greenplum to Teradata, When i try to insert into one of the teradata tables, I'm getting the following error,
RDBMS code 3707: Syntax error, expected something like a name or a Unicode delimited identifier between ',' and the 'enabled' keyword.  

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Teradata TTU 15 compatibility with Informatica Topic by Shravan_Arora 18 Nov 2015

Currently we are using Teradata TTU 14 and Informatica 9.1 and 9.5.1. As per my understanding Teradata has declared end of support for Teradata 14 in 2016, so we need to know
1. if Teradata TTU 15 will be compatible with 9.1 and 9.5.1 versions of Informatica.
2. If not then do I need to upgrade Informatica to 9.6 .

1 reply, 5 years ago
Teradata SQL and Hyperion Topic by sclark 15 Apr 2016 TDSQL, TD Assistant, hyperion

Hi All,
Working with a client that likes using Hyperion.  We use TD Sql assistant to write, develop and test.   Is there an easy way to transpose TD SQL into Hyperion so my clients users can continue to use the tools that they are comfortable with?

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Oracle Procedures need to be converted into Teradata Procedure Topic by arkaprava.chandra 24 Mar 2016


I have 400 Oracle Procedures which need to be converted into Teradata.


Can I use Automated Application Migration tool (AAMT) for the above requirement?

If Yes, how can I download Automated Application Migration tool (AAMT)?



Please help.




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Archiving Teradata tables Topic by ganya 18 Feb 2016 archiving teradata tables optim archive

Can anybody provide feedback on what third party software they are using to archive teradata tables? Currently we are using OPTIM and it is unable to handle it. Any inputs appreciated.

1 reply, 6 years ago
Comparison between Talend Integration Suite and Talend Open Studio Topic by Jstatic 10 Sep 2009

Hi all, I have been working with Talend Open Studio for a few weeks now and would like to have your opinion. Is using Talend Integration Suite really better compared to using Talend Open Studio? On what kind of project can you not use Talend Open Studio and would be best to use Talend Integration Suite? Thanks a lot for your answers. Have a good day!

3 replies, 6 years ago
Datastage interaction with Teradata in Immediate mode Topic by Fractals 09 Nov 2015 datastage, teradata, insert, compile, preparedstatement

I am trying to understand how Datastage interacts with Teradata in Immedaite mode. During my testing, I created a Datastage job with TD connector as  source and destination to just select from one table and load into another table. 

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Failed to update catalog table Topic by Luck 17 Aug 2015 netvault

Good day.

In the log of all my backups I have the following message.

" Failed to updade catalog table - Failed to log on, check account and password (Teradata Error Code: 224)"

I would like to fix this problem.

What is the correct way to solve this problem?

1 reply, 6 years ago
Is Teradata extension for Netbackup installed on Teradata nodes Topic by alagiri 25 May 2015 teradata, netbackup, bar, tara

Hey Guys,
I am a backup admin. Normally for backups we use to install netbackup client on all the DB nodes. Is this the case with teradata also or is the installation of Teradata extension for Netbackup limited to the BAR servers alone. If it is limited to BAR servers only How data is sent from Teradata to TARA server/Netbackup server.Awaiting your reply.

1 reply, 6 years ago
IS IT POSSIBLE TO CREATE PROCEDURES FROM SAS USING SAS ACCESS FOR TERADATA Topic by thebushe2s 22 May 2015 sas, stored procedures

I can run stored procedures from within SAS, but I cannot seem to be able to create them? Is this a limitation of the SAS Access for Teradata software?

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sql server to teradata datatype conversion Topic by puneetkhanduja 15 Jan 2015

Can some please throw some light on sql server to teradata datatype conversion.
We have a requirement to convert Sql server tables to Teradata but for certain 
datatypes like geography ,hierarchyid, image in sql server , we are not able to map them in teradata.

1 reply, 7 years ago
MultiStream Netvault Backup Job Topic by Kishore_1 18 Sep 2014 Netvault Backup Job

What are multistream jobs in Netvault backup jobs for taking Teradata backup ?How do they split the table's data across multiple streams?What is the concept on which they work?
How do we decide the number of sessions and streams for a mutilstream netvault job that is optimum for a particular Teradata system configuration?

1 reply, 7 years ago
Oracle to Teradata SQL Conversion Topic by ramesh.vanaparthi 14 Sep 2014

Is there any free source tool available which we can translate Oracle built-in SQL functions to Teradata functions? I have read about Automated Application Migration tool (AAMT) but it's teradata owned. is it available as free source ? 
Thanks in advance.

1 reply, 7 years ago
SQL Assistant: Database Explorer: Tablenames in MixedCase ? Topic by ekimrenrob 22 Jul 2014 sql assistant, mixed case, CamelCase, Database Explorer, view, settings, configuration

Would like to know if it is possible to show tablenames in mixed case (i.e., MixedCase instead of MIXEDCASE) in the Database Explorer window. If so, where and how is this option set?
Thank you!

2 replies, 7 years ago
Use of MultiLoad Update with SAS/Access Topic by rbradfo5 27 Jul 2014 sas multiload

I am working on a project with Teradata 13.10 and SAS 9.3.  We are using SAS/Access to interact with the Teradata system.  

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Creating Temporary tables through Excel Topic by hashah88 23 Jul 2014

Is there a way to create temporary tables in Teradata using an Excel connection?  I would like to run a select query afterwards, which I can run.  However, creating the temporary tables is difficulat.

2 replies, 7 years ago
Having an issue with my ODBC connection to Teradata within Access Topic by tmcrouse 17 Jul 2014

I built an Access DB and front-end application. My application and everything in Access worked perfectly fine. The problem is no one else could use it unless I emailed it or put it on our shared drive. So, the mgmnt team decided to migrate the back-end to Teradata Labs. I finished migrating all my tables and data, however still using the Access front-end.

1 reply, 7 years ago
Unable to connect to Teradata using SQL Assistant and Teradata Administrator Topic by nileshsane 22 Feb 2008

HiI have installed Teradata demo on Windows 2000 machine and I have been working comfortable with the same using SQL Assistant and Administrator (7.1).Recently I installed the same demo version on Windows 2003 and I have been trying to connect to it using SQL Assistant and it gives me the error (160: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 124 (Teradata). When I try and connect using Administrator I get the error "10054: 10054 WSA E ConnReset: Connection reset by peer" and the service stops.I do not have any firewalls and my hosts file is untouched (the same as with 2000). I have tried installing the latest ODBC drivers but the result is unchanged.Any help is resolving this issue would be highly appreciated.

8 replies, 8 years ago
Bi tool cannot read from different databases in teradata? Topic by Tnewbee 15 Apr 2014

We have some BI queries which run on Teradata. Now these queries create a temp table in the base tables database and then read from another transaction table again in the base tables daabase. If any other job is updating this transaction table then we face a deadlock because of the read lock already on the table. 

5 replies, 8 years ago
Excel to Teradata Session logins Topic by MarkC 27 Mar 2014

Hi all,
I have a spreadsheet that pulls back multiple tables from Teradata using the Data connection tool within Excel 2010.
My issue is Excel is requesting me to type my Teradata password in for every table/query bought back/that runs (username is saved).

2 replies, 8 years ago
DWH/BI Project Analysis, Estimation,resource tool Topic by Raja_KT 05 Feb 2014

Is there already any free tool or I need to develop one?


I see a gap of technology, business and people, while working on projects.

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Datastage 8.01 running with Teradata 14.10. Topic by Glass 22 Jan 2014

I know it's not cerified, but has anyone found themselves here, or know of a reason it shouldn' t be tried?

4 replies, 8 years ago
Extracting and Transforming tools or RDBMS for unstructured and semi-structured data Topic by Raja_KT 13 Jan 2014

Which tools or RDBMS are best for extracting and Tranforming unstructured data?
Or is it better to write unix, perl or python scripts?
Load of stream data can be for long time.
Thanks and regards,

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IBM DataStage and Teradata Control Framework Topic by jchua 16 Apr 2010 ibm datastage, control framework

Hi All,

Has there ever been an implementation of the Teradata Control Framework on IBM DataStage?

And if the said Teradata Control Framework had utilized the InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization for implementation?

Any advise is highly appreciated.

Many thanks!

4 replies, 8 years ago