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Text Analytics in Teradata Studio using Aster database. Topic by SKamble 24 Jun 2015 #textanalytics, #parsing, #Text_parser

I am trying to run a few text analytics functions in Teradata studio, The text_parser function runs very slow on a large dataset wven after limiting to 2000 row, I want to parse a text column in a dataset and want to return number of words along with the frequency of occurence.

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Load Limit of 50K Rows in v15.10 Topic by 04 Jun 2015 v15.10, load, limit, 50000 rows

I just upgraded to v15.10 of Studio Express 64-bit.  During a load operation, where I right-clicked on a table in the DSE and used Load, the log indicates:

Load Task

Loading data...

Starting Load...

Load Successful.

367075 Rows Processed

367075 Rows Loaded


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Increase Java Heap space in OSX Express Studio? Topic by dahess 21 Nov 2014 osx, mac, Java heap

Is there any way to increase the java heap space in the OSX version of Teradata Express Studio? I'm currently using version I'm running into a 'Java heap space' error. A little research showed that the java buffer's automatically assigned 256mb, and I found a couple posts mentioning an .ini file where that value can be increased.

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Find / Replace in SQL Editor Topic by jessielin 16 Jun 2015 Find; Replace; SQL Editor;

Hi all,
Is there a Find / Replace button/function in SQL Editor?
I'm using Studio 15.0 the Query Development Perspective.
Looked it up on Help document, but couldn't find it there either.
I think it used to be in Studio 14.10, or 14.00 version, even though it doesn't use the Ctrl+F shortcut keys etc...
Did I miss anything?

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Teradata procedure double quotes Topic by Marty22 12 Jun 2015 quotes; teradata; procedure

Hi all,
I'm learning procedures and here is one of my first,.. but I cannot get it working
can you tell how to fix this? 

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how to load date from excel file using teradata studio Topic by Hotshots 31 May 2015 studio load excel date

I'm new to Teradata Studio. I try to load some Excel files to a table using the Data Transfer Wizard.
Unfortunately I got an error if I try to load dates.
What do I have to do, if I want o load dates from an Excel file to a date-column?
Do I have to specify a special format for the date-column in the table?

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Teradata Studio Express 15.1 not launching Topic by jisoo816 09 Jun 2015 TeraDataStudioExpress, express, launch, error, start

Hi all, 
I can't get Tearadat Studio to start after the installation. 
During installation, I got an error message saying that 'Due to an error, desktop short cut cannot be created, please manually create a shortcut"
So I manually created a short cut and try to launch Studio Express, but kept getting an error message to see the log file. 

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Sessions Topic by astocks 04 Jun 2015 TeradataStudio, session

When I switch to a new tab in Teradata Studio 15.10 against the same connection I lose any volatile tables when I return to the original tab.  Is Teradata Studio closing the session with Teradata when I switch to a new tab and run a query (even if against the same connection)?

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Java Runtime Error Topic by wesmantooth 12 Sep 2013

Hello, I am trying to install Teradata Studio Express on a Windows 7 64 bit.  The installer could not find my JRE so I entered the path where it was installed and am receiving the following error: 64bit Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or above is required.  Please provide the required JRE path.

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Teradata Studio connectivity to Sandbox 2.2( via Knox - failure inducates JDBC Topic by rupert160 25 May 2015 knox Teradata Studio 15.10

I have been testing the latest build of Teradata Studio 15.10 and I'm having trouble with both JDBC and Knox - I've split this post into two as I'm going to concentrate on the Knox failure here. Currently with some port mapping I can get my local Ubuntu instance to shoot out the following and get a successful JSON object response.

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Problem with Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express: The second query is running forever Topic by 28 May 2015

Good afternoon, 
Iniitially , i was using TD studio Express and everything was fine until I installed the ADE Eclipse ( Aster Developpment Environment).
Then, my teradata studio express became unreliable. I did a repair and desintalled Eclipse.
the first query is running properly but the second query is running for ever and freeze the system.

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Teradata Studio Express - Connectivity to Oracle/SQLServer Topic by harry.caraway 10 Mar 2014

Teradata Studio Express forum,
What client SW do I need to install for connectivity to Oracle/SQLServer from Teradata Studio Express ? vendor JDBC components?
The *.jar distribution required to create the DB connection in the Data Source view? Available where ?
Thanks in advance.

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Config Backup & Move Topic by astocks 13 May 2015

Is there a way to backup/save configurations from 15.0 (like background color, fonts, etc) and transfer to 15.10?

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TD Studio 15.10 no driver or connection details Topic by tstrick4 24 Apr 2015 studio, 15.10, teradata studio

Installed TD Studio 15.10 and am trying to create a new Connection Profile.  I select Teradata database and then move tto the "Specify a Driver and Connection Details" page, but it's blank.  I unfortunately can't attach a screenshot, but the dialog box is just completely empty so I can't specify a driver or any connection details.

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Why is Teradata Studio built on such an old version of Eclipse? Topic by darin.mackiewicz 20 Feb 2015

We've been having lots of performance and stability issues with Teredata Studio.  In looking into alternatives like Aqua Data Studio (which I know some Teradata employees use when they are in the field) but not believing that we should have to pay $500 per user for a stable and well performing tool, my first step was to download Eclipse and install the Teradata plugins.  That solution performs

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Open .sql File, missing SQL Editor Toolbar & Buttons Topic by zwestbrook 29 Apr 2015

Teradata Studio
Windows 7 Enterprise

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Problem with Cast and parameter Topic by Jerem4205 04 May 2015


I'm facing a little issue with Studio 15.10.
When I execute the following request, everything works fine :

select CAST( '2015-01-01' AS DATE FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DD');

When I try the same request with a parameter (with the same value), I have the following error :

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Difference between Teradata studio Express and Teradata Assistant GUI tool? Topic by Nileshhmali 29 Apr 2015

Can you tell me,Difference between Teradata studio Express and Teradata Assistant GUI tool ??

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jre 1.6 is required for TS application warning, failed TS install Topic by hkratzer 21 Aug 2013 jre, mac os x

I can't seem to get past the the JRE 1.6 is required warning when installing TS on a Mac with Mountain Lion. I was not able to find JRE 1.6 so I installed the latest from Oracle...version 7 update 25. Any MBP users out there for a little help?

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Studio 15.10 connecting to Sandbox 2.1 with tdch 1.3.4-hdp2.1 Topic by rupert160 27 Apr 2015 tdch connector studio

Team I've been using TDStudio15.10 with the TDCH connector and trying to connect both with either TDCH or JDBC using HDP2.2 and Sandbox 2.1 (ensuring the TDCH connector is appropriate for each version 1.3.4-hdp2.1 for my 2.1 sandbox and 1.3.4-hdp2.2 for the pseudo cluster that stands up a HDP2.2 instance.

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Teradata Studio 15 (Linux) crashes when opening Query Developement Perspective Topic by CarlosAL 11 Mar 2015

Francine (or whoever in charge):
My Teradata Studio crashes each time I try to open Query Developement Perspective.
It's a TD Studio 15.00.02 on SLES11 (64bit) and uses java jre 6.0_43-b01.
The error log file (hs_err_pid*.log) says java fatal error with SIGSEGV (0xb).
Problematic frame:

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For 15.10 Install how do I respond What Java Runtime Environment? Topic by cbg 22 Apr 2015 TD Studio, 15.10, jre required

The Teradata Studio 15.10 install asks for Java Runtime Environment?  It provides a browse where I see a number of folders of which none seem obvious paths.   If I open a cmd and ask for java version I see this...
C:\Users\CG160008>java -version
java version "1.8.0_40"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_40-b26)

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Teradata Studio Express - installation error 1311.Source file not found Topic by madajar 20 Apr 2015

I'm trying to install the Teradata Studio Express win 32 x86. executable on my windows machine. I do have JRE 1.7 installed (32-bit).
I am seeing the following error message within the InstallShield wizard information box:
Error 1311.Source file not found:

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[TERADATA STUDIO][SMARTLOAD][Unable to load an ASCII character] Topic by dae 20 Apr 2015

Using "Smart Load" Function, I get an error (cf. below) loading my file with a character whose decimal code=130.
As an extended ASCII code, I thought that using "File Encoding = ISO-8859-1", I would have been able to load that file ... but it fails !
Do I have to upgrade my JDBC driver version ?
The Teradata Studio Version is:

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Batch processing and error handling Topic by samsterling 15 Apr 2015

Is there a way to run a script (like we did in BTEQ) with thousands of sql statements?  Can we somehow bypass errors?
Also, I'm trying to drop a bunch of views that don't point to anything anymore using the studio hierarchy.  These all have errors because the objects don't exist any more, so I've got to click on "OK" hundreds of times.

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