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Need help on export file option in tereadata studio express Topic by 12 Jul 2016

Hi All,
i am trying to export my result set from Teradata studio express but am getting the below error while exporting data, how can over come this error.
Failed to Export result set
Reason: Gc overhead limit exceeded out of memory.
export has used all of the java heap memory. you can increase the java heap memory by increasing the memory values in the .ini file.

3 replies, 3 years ago
Terdata Studio - Connection to Hive - Database is not listing Topic by kchinnad 28 Jun 2016 Teradata Studio - it's not listing any database in Hive

OS : Windows 7 Professional

system type : 64-bit OS

Memory : 4 GB

TD Studio version : Teradata Studio nt-x8664 - TERADATA_STUDIO_1510_X64_V1_INSTALL

Hadoop Distribution : Hortonworks 2.3.4

Connection profile : Hadoop Hortonworks


Problem statement : Connection is successful. However it's not listing any database in Hive

12 replies, 3 years ago
“Teradata Studio.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Topic by hv186006 07 Jul 2016

I want to install Teradata Studio on my Macbook Pro, but when I download the file from the and try to open the pkg file, I get the following error message: “Teradata Studio.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Does anybody know what I can do? 
Kind regards,

1 reply, 3 years ago
Issue Downloading Studio even After Java installed Topic by mikeyb100 21 Jun 2016

I'm on a mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5. I've been trying to download the mac version of studio express and it prompts me to download Java 1.7 or later. So I do, then install it, test it on the Java's site and it says it's good to go. Re-install Studio Express and it still says the Java is not up to date.

8 replies, 3 years ago
Teradata studio installation is failing... Topic by ajithpillai 23 Jun 2016 teradata studio.

when i try to run the teradata studio, the system is prompting me for JRE. I downloaded JRE from Java website. but it is still failing..what could be the reason?

8 replies, 3 years ago
How Do You Create A Teradata Database? Topic by newb1 16 Apr 2014

I downloaded Teradata Studio Express 14.00. I run it through VMware on a 64 bit machine. Although its setup I can't seem to find and connect to a Teradata database. Is there a database downloaded with the package. I got this out of I have to say the VM is very clunky and slow. I miss the old TD 12.00 version. Faster without the complexity.

30 replies, 3 years ago
Configuration error Topic by 24 Feb 2014

Downloaded Teradata studio on my laptop but when I open it get error : 
 The Configuration area at c:\users\administrator\.eclipse\com.teradata.studioexpress............Could not be creared. Please choose a writeable location using the '-configuration' command line option 

8 replies, 3 years ago
Installing Teradata Eclipse Plugin Breaks running DTD againsdt other platforms? Topic by ColeFerrier 06 Apr 2016

I installed the latest teradata studio into mars2, and when i open a .sql file using the normal eclipse editor, all of the "execute options" are disabled for non teradata sources?
How can i have both the teradata features but not break the standard DTD functionality for other jdbc types?

8 replies, 3 years ago
Is there a way to modify Connection Properties of DB Connections through some external Windows config file? Topic by tsalonia 09 Jun 2016

We are in the process of migrating our systems to a new environment, with new server names, and, as such, need to modify all users' connection properties within Studio.  Is there a way to modify these connection properties in an external file in Windows somehow?  I would like for our Desktop Support team to be able to write a batch process to be able to mass-update this file to modify the conne

5 replies, 3 years ago
A simple query doesn't return all rows Topic by xinyuzhang 03 Jun 2016 missing row, simple table query

I use Teradata Studio 15.10.
I have a small table of less than 200 records and 5 columns. When I do a generic query "select * from table_name", only 2/3 records are returned. But Java application and Teradata Express return all records with exactly the same account.
Is there any hidden filter or validator in Teradata Studio which could cause this?

4 replies, 3 years ago
Teradata 15.0 Generating a Select Query from a View Eliminating Double Quotes Around Column Names and Table Name Topic by Steve_PNC 06 Jun 2016 double_quotes

In Teradata Studio 15.0 when I generate a Select query from a view name all of the column names have double quotes around them as well as the view name. In Terdata Studio 14.0 the column and view names did not have double quotes around them.  Is there a setting in TDS 15.0 to turn off the double quotes.  See example below:
SELECT "Column_1"
           , "Column_2"

1 reply, 3 years ago
Using SQL History tab slows Studio to a crawl Topic by ecorcoran 25 Jul 2013 history, mac

Whenever I interact with the SQL History tab in any way, it causes both Studio and Studio express to slow to a crawl on my machine. The application will become unusable for minutes at a time. This happens if there is even one entry in the SQL History tab. Since I have to use the SQL History tab to figure out why code didn't run, this is a serious problem for me. 

31 replies, 3 years ago
Password Visible in plaintext History Topic by brandon.ash 02 May 2016

In using functions that require a username and password from the source system e.g. load_from_teradata, the password given is displayed in plain text in both the history window and the history file. This creates serious security concerns and occurs in both Teradata Studio and SQL Assistant. Is there a way to have passwords masked?
Thank you in advance.

4 replies, 3 years ago
Dissapointed in performance on OS X Topic by jredd 01 Jun 2016

I've been using Teradata studio for the past few days now and I'm simply disapointed and aggravated by the terrible performance on OS X.

2 replies, 3 years ago
Teradata Studio 15.10 No Longer Allows Show DDL option for multiple objects Topic by tsalonia 01 Jun 2016

Teradata Studio 14.10 used to allow you to select multiple objects simultaneously, and press the "Show DDL" button from the toolbar, or from the contextual menu by right-clicking on the objects.  15.10 seems to have disabled this option, as it is greyed out when multiple objects are selected.  Is this true, or is there an additional option to select in preferences?

3 replies, 3 years ago
Loading text file to Teradata Table in Teradata Studio Topic by SAP 22 Sep 2014 Importing Text file

Hi ,
Please let me know how to import data from .txt file to teradata tables using Teradata Studio 15 .

9 replies, 3 years ago
Connecting to a Hadoop Platform Topic by 12 Feb 2016

I recently read online about a user who was able to connect Teradata Studio to Cloudera Impala via JDBC connection. I was wondering if anyone has succesfully established this type of connection and if so, how would I be able to achieve this? I know a while back I was able to create a connection profile for an Oracle Database so that I could connect Studio to that database.

5 replies, 3 years ago
Unable to launch Teradata Studio Express Topic by akshaykhobare 23 Sep 2013 Teradata studio express connection profile error
31 replies, 3 years ago
How to perform partial string search in Teradata Studio History? Topic by mahesh 10 May 2016 Teradata Studio History search

Has anyone successfully perform partial string search in TD Studio history? Its easy to perform partial string search in SQL Assistant history, but same doesnt work on Teradata Studio History. In TD Studio history, I found that you can only search an entire entry (eg: a complete query, but not a string in a query). By the way, I am using version.

2 replies, 3 years ago
0 CAST AS DECIMAL(22,7) showing as 0E-7 in Result Set Topic by EB186038 04 May 2016

In querying a table that has a column with datatype DECIMAL(22,7), it shows 0E-7 for 0 values in the result set.
To illustrate:
SEL 0 (DECIMAL(22,7));
SEL 1 (DECIMAL(22,7));
Why is it doing that?

1 reply, 3 years ago
Scandinavian Decimal Formatting in Result set Viewer Topic by lucasfilm 31 Mar 2016 teradata studio, Formatting Numbers, decimal formatting

I can't fin a setting within Studio that gives me another display setting than the US.
For decimals/money etc I want "999.999,99". Where '.' is 1000 separator and ',' is decimal separator.
This is the default Systems settings for me. But Studio overrides them.

2 replies, 3 years ago
JDBC Connection properties Topic by DaveWellman 30 Apr 2016 #studio, #JDBC, connection properties

Are the various 'JDBC Connection Properties' options and allowed values listed anywhere? I have searched here, on the Teradata manuals page and through the 'Teradata jdbc reference' manual but I can't find anything.

3 replies, 3 years ago
Add New Database in Teradata Studio Express Topic by jrangana 18 Sep 2014

In TD SQl Asssitant, we have a Database explorer and we can add Databases to an existing/open Connection. 
But in Teradata Studio Express 15(on MAC), i dont see the Database explorer window and not able to add databases. 
Kindly guide.

7 replies, 3 years ago
Window menu item; Customize Perspective Topic by cdorger 22 Apr 2016

Under Window->Customize Perspective is an option to turn off the Window item so you can't get back to Customize Perspective so you can't turn the Window item back on.  Can someone please explain how to turn the Window item back on so I can go to Customize Perspective so I can turn the Window item back on...?  

3 replies, 3 years ago
Are the rules for parameter usage different between SQL Assistant and Studio? Topic by deansiewert 21 Apr 2016 parameter usage

I found this comment in the Transitioning from Assistant to Studio document:
"parameters are used for only data value subsititions in the SQL.  It does not perform direct string substitution as in SQL Assistant"

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