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DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
12 Jul 2015
v15.10.3 - commit processing

Using the 'create user' dialog boxes you have to go all the way to the final screen to execute the command in the event of an error. here is an example of what I mean:
Work through the pages of the dialog and specify an inavalid parameter (I originally had the PERM space higher than the owner but it also happens if you break the password rules).
You get to the 'sql operations' page where you see the built SQL statement.
Tick the 'run sql' box and click Finish - this executes the sql.
This correctly gets an error.
So I go back to the relevant dialog page ("User database information" if the error is perm space) and correct the value.
The 'problem' is that at this stage the 'Finish' button is still enabled (which is very useful), so I clicked it. However, the sql that is executed is using the original values, so it continues to fail - although I've now enetered an acceptable value in the dialog page.
I have to work forwards back to the 'sql operations' page before the new value is used.
I think that either the 'Finish' button should be disabled unless you are on the 'sql operations' page or (my preference) the new values should be used whenever the Finish button is clicked.

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fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
12 Jul 2015

Dave, We will take a look at the problem. thanks.

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