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bconner 2 posts Joined 09/14
10 Sep 2014
Trying to import text file into volatile table using Teradata SQL Assistant

Hi All,
I am brand new to Teradata and I am trying to import a text file with 4 columns into a volatile table using Teradata SQL Assistant. I am going to file then I am selecting import data and trying to execute the below code. I am executing the create table in one query window then I am executing the insert into in a seperate query window. However it's not working.

CREATE VOLATILE TABLE TempTable(MemberId varchar(25),PhysicianNPI integer, Member_id varchar(25), MemberSrc varchar(2));
INSERT INTO TempTable values(?,?,?,?);


Thanks, Brian Conner
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
10 Sep 2014

Hi Brian,
what is actually failing? Error message?


bconner 2 posts Joined 09/14
10 Sep 2014

I figured it out I was missing the code below at the end of the create volatile table

on commit preserve rows;

Thanks for following up with me Dieter, I appreciate it.

Brian Conner

raj786 23 posts Joined 04/14
07 Nov 2014

Hi All,

I have the following issue.


insert into table.namevalues(?, ?, ?, ?)


my 4th column is timstamp(6) in TERADATA


1st i export that record from TERADATA when i import again i got erorr.

1:-invalid timestamp

2:-Query contains 4 parameters but import file contains 1 data values


can any one guide me how to import and export to TERADATA using SQL asistant


Thanks in Adv



fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
10 Nov 2014

Raj, For help with SQL Assistant, please post to the Tools Forum. If you are using Studio Express, you can right click on a table and choose, Data>Export and Data>Import to export and import data from a table.

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