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03 Sep 2015
Teradata Studio v15. - Defect
After Teradata Studio has been open for a while, it starts lagging excessively when typing. 
There is approximately a half-second delay between each character that is typed into the editor. 
If I close the application and restart it, the problem is resolved for a short while until it starts again. 
When will this be resolved and for what version is the resolution planned?


rmtonkin 3 posts Joined 06/15
03 Sep 2015

In fact, the entire software becomes so slow and throws so many ridiculous Java errors that it is practically unusable.  This is really sad given that the alternative which is Teradata SQL Assistant is so primitive and pathetic.  It really takes a great database and makes the experience horrible.  You guys at Teradata really need to take a page out of Microsoft''s book and look at SQL Server Management Studio.  They are LIGHT YEARS ahead of you in terms of the user experience.  Really, you guys need to up your game.  Come on - it's 2015 for goodness sakes not 1991.

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
03 Sep 2015

Your other post mentioned having thousands of lines in the SQL editor. Your problem of slow response while typing might be a result of the Code Assist feature you can set to be activated on demand rather than automatically.
In the Preferences dialog (from the Window menu), if you show the Code Assist page (you can get there by entering "Code Assist" in the "type filter text" box or expanding the tree to Data Management>SQL Development>SQL Editor>Code Assist. In that preference page, if you uncheck the "Enable auto activation" checkbox, the text in the SQL Editor won't be parsed after you pause in typing into the editor. When you have thousands of lines in the editor, that can take some time to complete.
If you uncheck that preference, you can get code assist activated by pressing Ctrl-Space to have the Code Assist feature show what can be entered at the editor's cursor.
It would be helpful it you could provide the Java errors you are seeing to let us try to fix the bugs that are causing them.

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