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janetgag 1 post Joined 10/13
30 Oct 2013
Teradata Studio User Guide

I cannot locate a Teradata Studio User Guide ...... does this exist?

Janet Gagnon
fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
31 Oct 2013

There is not a separate User Guide document. There is an article that describes the features and briefly touches on usage ( Teradata Studio comes with built in Help content. Go to Help>Help Content.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
10 Nov 2013

Hi ,
Does it have examples too there like wht we have in Adminsitartor?
Thanks and regards,

Raja K Thaw
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fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
11 Nov 2013

Yes, it is referred to as SQL Templates in Studio. Open a new SQL Editor for your connection profile. Enter CNTRL+SPACE. A pop up window appears with content assist options. Scroll down or start typing the SQL command to see the SQL template (example) you are looking for. 

jianle4teradata 1 post Joined 03/14
13 Mar 2014

Can someone help me figure out how to connect the Teradata Studio to a GPFS cluster that does not have a name node?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
17 Mar 2014

Jian, Have you tried entering the IP address of the Teradata database?

Micron1384 2 posts Joined 11/14
25 Jun 2015

Has anyone tried the query band at the JDBC connection feature in 15.10 version ? It seems to work as is after installation. But once we change the query band value at the JDBC connection properties dialog box, the query band does not seem to show up when we run the 'help session' command 


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