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joliver 3 posts Joined 02/15
16 Mar 2015
Teradata Studio Express Lost Configuration Settings

Can someone please tell me why my Teradata Studio Express lost all of its settings, including all connections and projects?
When I opened the application the first thing I saw was the quick tour, as if I was launching the application for the first time.
Now I'm nervous that if I enter my settings again, it will just lose them.
I also noticed the application crashes if your PC loses its network connection while the application is open.
Can someone please help? Has anyone else experienced this same behavior?

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
16 Mar 2015

Is this a Windows system? Do you use roaming profiles? The connections and project information is kept in your workspace which is created in the folder "workspace" in your user's home folder. Since you mentioned lost network connection, is it possible that your home folder is on the network? Could your workspace with all its settings still be around, just not mapped to the same location it started out as?
I've tried running Studio Express with my workspace on a network drive (using the "-data \\server\folder\workspace" parameter in the Target parmeter of the shortcut for the program). I disconnected the network cable and I get messages saying the workspace location can't be written to or that Teradata is not reachable when I do an operation with the database. But I haven't seen it crash in that situation.

joliver 3 posts Joined 02/15
17 Mar 2015

You bring up a good point. My home folder is on the network and my workspace is still there! :)
Now, how can I map Studio Express back to the original workspace?
Thanks for your help!

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
17 Mar 2015

I'm guessing you're running on Windows.
The desktop and menu shortcuts for Studio Express are set up to run with the "Start in" location based on the the %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% environment variables. It is at that location that the workspace is created. You can alter the "Target" field of the shortcut that runs the TeradataStudioExpress.exe application. You can add the  "-data" parameter to the Target field. The value of the -data parameter is the location of the workspace.
So you can add:
-data c:\mylocation\workspace
to your shortcut (where "c:\mylocation\workspace" is the actual location of the workspace). Be sure there is a space before the -data portion.

joliver 3 posts Joined 02/15
18 Mar 2015

Perfect!! Thanks so much for the help!!

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