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phil.kenderdine 2 posts Joined 11/13
27 Nov 2013
Teradata Studio Express

I have downloaded and installed the VM TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10_4GB. I have managed to get the network and bteq working. Through bteq I created a database. However when I use Teradata Studio Express I am unable to perform any actions shown in your tutorial videos. I do not see the button for searching object and my tools menu does not have options to create anything.
I'd like to create tables for my database and would be nice if I could use a UI to do this rather than bteq. Why does my Teradata Studio Express appear to be limited functionality? Also when I try to access Help, Teradata Studio Express crashes. I'm not so concerned about the help crashing but I would like to sort out the functionality so I can create some databases.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
01 Dec 2013

Are you running Teradata Studio Express inside the the VM? Can you run Teradata Studio Express from outside the VM, accessing Teradata Express via its IP address? Teradata Studio Express is intended for running SQL. Teradata Studio provides an administrative tool that includes wizards to help create tables for your database. You can download Teradata Studio from the Downloads page.

phil.kenderdine 2 posts Joined 11/13
02 Dec 2013

Thanks for your reply. Yes I am running it from the VM. I will try your suggestions. I did manage to migrate my sql and build my tables using bteq and import my data through Teradata Studio Express.

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