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gboundy 4 posts Joined 05/10
11 Apr 2014
Teradata Load Wizard - No NEXT Button

When I open the Load Wizard I see the first window of the wizard. I can select Input File , etc.  But there is no NEXT button appearing on the first screen.  There is a FINISH and a CANCEL button, but no NEXT button.  So I cannot advance to the next step in the load process.
Have you seen this behaviour before?  Is there a known resolution?
I'm using V14.02 of Studio

graham boundy consultant Project X ltd
fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
11 Apr 2014

Graham, There is not a Next button for the Teradata Load Wizard.  Once you enter the Input File name the Finish button is enabled to complete the data load for the table.

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