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ishaheen 3 posts Joined 10/14
21 Oct 2014
Teradata express studio

I have teradata express on VMWare, now i want to install teradata express studio, my host machine is window 7. Should i install express studio on my host machine or on guest machine where teradata express installed i am newbie to these technologies kindly help.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
27 Oct 2014

Isma, I would recommend installing Studio Express outside the Teradata Express VM. It can be on the same server that the VM is installed on. You will need the IP address of the Teradata Express VM to connect to the Teradata database from Studio Express.

smannuru 4 posts Joined 08/13
04 Mar 2015

Hi All,
I have installed Teradata Studio Expression 15 in PC. due to Some problem I want to uninstall Teradata Studio Expression 15 and I want to install 13 version in my PC. I uninstalled from control panal uninstall program options... but the things is i have uninstalled from control  panel and I am not able to install 13 version in my PC, it is gving error while installing ODBC driver software.
can one please do needful how to uninstall Teradata Studio Expression 15 and how to install the 13 version.
Thanks in Advance,

<p>srinivas.M<br /> pune</p>
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