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26 Aug 2013
TD Studio Data Source Explorer - Table Column order is inverted?

When I expand any table's columns in Data Source Explorer, they always appear inverted to the order in the DDL create statement?
Do I have some preferences setting checked ? 
I'm running TD Studio 14.02 on both MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion as well as Windows 7 Ultimate. Both 64 bit & 32 bit installations and its the same everywhere.

Rick Rose Teradata PS Solutions Consultant
veehell 19 posts Joined 07/12
26 Aug 2013

I am running
TDS 14.02 on WinXP(32bit) with JRE 1.7.xx(32bit) connecting via jdbc with TMODE=Teradata
TDS 14.10 on Windows7(64bit) with JRE 1.7.xx(64bit) connecting via jdbc with TMODE=Teradata
.... and i did not experience such behavior (facing TD13.10.07.04 , TD13.10.05.xx and vmware-TDExpress14.10.xx). I am using embended JDBC driver (14.00 version) as well the 'external' one (latest), tested with both. No any special setup for datasource explorer in preferencies. Just in TDS 14.10 i choosed "Only databases (including myself and DBC), with "hiearchical" option sometimes on, sometimes off, with only tables/views show:ON, all-other:OFF as this is new feature/option.
What type of TMODE are you using? (ANSI or TERADATA?). How do you connect? (JDBC, ODBC, .NET). Can you test it with Teradata SQL Assistant? Is the inverted order only in DataSourceExplorer or do you face very same issue also within Teradata view tab? 


fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
27 Aug 2013

The problem is the version of the JRE. In JRE 1.7, a new sort algorithm was introduced that has caused the columns to be displayed in the DSE in reverse order. We have fixed this problem in our 14.10 release by adding a new variable to the TeradataStudio.ini or TeradataStudioExpress.ini files that tells the JRE to use the legacy sort routine. If you are running with version 14.02, you can add this variable to your end of your ini file:

RickSRose 4 posts Joined 07/11
30 Sep 2013

Thanks Francine.
That did the trick!
You Rock!
- Rick

Rick Rose
Teradata PS Solutions Consultant

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