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tstrick4 21 posts Joined 04/12
24 Apr 2015
TD Studio 15.10 no driver or connection details

Installed TD Studio 15.10 and am trying to create a new Connection Profile.  I select Teradata database and then move tto the "Specify a Driver and Connection Details" page, but it's blank.  I unfortunately can't attach a screenshot, but the dialog box is just completely empty so I can't specify a driver or any connection details.  I had Studio 15.0 installed prior to this and had no issues, I uninstalled 15.10 and reinstalled 15.0 and had no issues, just seems like 15.10 can't find any JDBC drivers?

SGalvez 3 posts Joined 05/14
04 May 2015

I'm now having the same issue with 15.10 &  " Define and select a driver from the drop-down list to continue."   but there is nothing to select.
I uninstalled 15.10, re-installed 15.00 and now 15.00 will not even load. 

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
05 May 2015

There is a file in Studio's workspace that apprears to have gotten damaged. The file contains the driver templates that are set up automatically when a workspace is created. The Teradata template that is missing from the "Select a driver from the drop-down" list can be recreated by clicking on the button just to the right of the drop-down list (the button with the image of an asterisk in a circle with a plus sign) and selecting "Teradata Embedded JDBC Driver" from the Available driver templates list and clicking OK. After you've done that, you should be back in business.
Another choice would be to rename your Studio workspace folder (a folder in your home directory called "workspace-studio") then starting Studio. A new workspace will be created with that name. You would have to then copy files from the SQL folder in the old workspace to the new one.

tstrick4 21 posts Joined 04/12
10 May 2015

Thanks Chuckbert, the second option worked for me.  I don't even have the drop-down box you describe in the first solution.  Appreciate your help.

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