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14 Oct 2014
Studio on Mac Book Pro

I am using the Mac version of Teradata Studio and I am not finding a way to refresh the data source view.  Specifically, I have created a table in the database, and it does not show up.  I know it is there because I can query from the table.  On a PC, I would just right click and refresh.  However I am not sure how to accomplish this task on my Mac.  Can someone assist?

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
15 Oct 2014

The context menus of the Data Source Explorer are present on the Mac.
If you've set your mouse to have a primary and a secondary button, simply press the secondary button (that is usually right click) on the Tables node you want to refresh and the context menu should be displayed with the Refresh item.
If you've set your mouse only to have a primary button, hold the Control key while you click on the node you want to refresh to display the context menu.
The F5 function key also does a refresh of the selected node.
If you're using the trackpad, the secondary click is often set to be done by tapping it with two fingers.

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