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cgarlan3 1 post Joined 09/10
30 Aug 2013
Studio Express 14.10 - Where did my Schemas go?

When upgrading from Teradata Studio Express 14.02 to 14.10 I noticed that the default view in the Data Source Explorer window now does not include schemas and looks more like Teradata Studio. The preferences don't list schemas for Teradata anymore. I'm more used to Teradata Administrator so this doesn't bother me but several of our users have asked if they can reproduce the former view.
Anyone know if/how I could help them do that?
Thank you,

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
30 Aug 2013

Studio Express 14.10 will display the Databases in the Data Source Explorer in hiearchical format by default. You can switch back to the flat list display by unchecking the 'show as hierarchical display' preference. Go to Window>Preferences and click on Teradata Datatools Preferences>Data Source Explorer Load Preferences. Uncheck the Show Databases and Users in Hierarchical Display.

hh186011 1 post Joined 03/12
26 Sep 2013

Hi, the hierarchy format option by default, generates two problems:
1. Can not use filters in a scheme child.
2. Can the search for tables, schema child in the query builder.
You have knowledge of this?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
16 Oct 2013

1. The filter issue has been fixed and we are releasing a 14.10.01 release that will include this fix.
2. We will look into this issue.

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