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bob94925 1 post Joined 08/14
03 Sep 2014
SQL Editor has No Profiles after creating new profile for MS SQL database

I have just installed TS Express 15 and was able to connect to a MS SQL Server 2014 database using the sqljdb4.jar driver.  I can see my database, schemas and table as expected in the Data Source Explorer panel.  The TSE SQL Editor stubbornly will not recognize the new profile.  It just says "No Profiles" with an empty dropdown.  I also cannot view and data in the SQL Editor view.  How can I get the SQL Editor to use my new view?  I have restarte TSE many times and it still opens the profile but SQL Editor does not.  I have searched the Forums for a similar problem but no luck.  Thanks for the help.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
04 Sep 2014

Bob, You need to use the SQL File Editor and not the Teradata SQL Editor with MS SQL Server. The Teradata SQL Editor only supports Teradata and Aster connection profiles. To open with the SQL File Editor, go to the Project Explorer and create a new SQL file (New>File) and specify the SQL project, give it a name like test.sql. Then select 'test.sql' in the Project Explorer and right click and Open With>SQL File Editor. In the SQL File Editor, in the Type: drop down list, choose your MS SQL Server profile.

wk514079 1 post Joined 10/10
17 Nov 2015

I have suceeded to connect to the SQL Server with profile and database. However, the connection status ( on the right of the database dropdown ) says "Status: Disconnected, Auto Commit". But I still am able to mark a query and execute it with the ">>" (execute all statements) button. The execute a single statement button ">" is disabled. 
I have one more question.
The SQL Server Management Studio has the capability to define Teradata as a linked server and using special syntax one is able to select from a Teradata table inside the SQL Editor from SQL Server Management Studio. (actually a join between a SQL Server table and a Teradata tables is also possible)
Does Teradata Studio have s similar capability, meaning that within either the Teradata SQL Editor or the SQL File Editor it is possible to join a SQL Server table to a Teradata table.
Werner Paul

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
17 Nov 2015

Werner, I am not aware of the capability of the Eclipse SQL File Editor supporting joins between SQL Server to Teradata Database. But I will try to find out more about this. Is there a special SQL syntax that is used?
As for Teradata Database join to SQL Server within the Teradata SQL Editor, QueryGrid may be the way to go for this.

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