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DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
17 Aug 2015
Simple SQL failing to parse

I'm using and whilst most SQL requests run fine the following generates a message "Parse error splitting statement" and will not run. It runs fine using SQLA through a dot net connection.
SELECT eid, ename, jobdur (FORMAT  'YYYY-MM-DD')
FROM emp22
WHERE eid = 1001
ORDER BY jobdur;
It seems to be the 'ORDER BY' clause / line which is causing the problem because I can run the sql if that line is ommitted.
All help gratefully received.

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Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
18 Aug 2015

I copied the SELECT statement and pasted it into the SQL Editor in and I see no parse errors. Did you perhaps have some invalid, non-printing characters in the text when you encountered the parse error?
When you get the message about not being able to split statements, you can still run them by selecting the Execute All option. That does not use the parser to find individual statements.

DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
20 Aug 2015

Hi Chuckbert,
Thanks for pointing out the 'execute all' option, I had missed that it didn't use the parser.
I think you may be correct in having 'non printing' characters as I trie dthis again today and the query worked fine. Ho hum...

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