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lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
31 Mar 2016
Scandinavian Decimal Formatting in Result set Viewer

I can't fin a setting within Studio that gives me another display setting than the US.
For decimals/money etc I want "999.999,99". Where '.' is 1000 separator and ',' is decimal separator.
This is the default Systems settings for me. But Studio overrides them.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
31 Mar 2016

Studio will use the OS locale setting to format the decimal when 1000 separator is used. 

lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
04 May 2016

An update here: Seems like there is a Java bug for Norway, and Norway only....
Changed the Display Language (in Control panel) to f.ex Denmark - then it Works just fine.

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