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lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
12 Feb 2016
Role Administration

I'm struggling a bit with the overall design for Role Administration compared to Teradata Administrator. It was easier there....

You have to click several places for administrating Role's now - as far as I can see.

Creating a new role is from the Ribbon, but giving rights to a Role is covered under the term 'Privilieges' now. From Right-click on an object in the Database explorer View.

But I can't find a 'Rights View'. A view (screen) that shows all rights been given to a spesific Role.

Anyone who knows?


fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
12 Feb 2016

@lucasfilm, To view the access rights for a Role, switch to the Administrator perspective and choose the top database node in the Data Source Explorer. This should show a Roles tab in the Object Viewer. Double click on the role to show its Role Members, Access Rights, and SQL.
We are making improvements to the Role Administration in our next release of Studio. 

lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
31 Mar 2016

Aah. Thanks @fgrimmer. There it was! 
Then I'm looking forward to an improved User Interface.

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