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sayaksitex 24 posts Joined 09/12
03 Jul 2013
Require TERADATA EXPRESS STUDIO for 64bit Windows 7...both Client and Server....plz help

Hi all,
I want to install TERADATA EXPRESS STUDIO in my personal laptop having 64bit windows 7. 
Can anyone please provide me the same. I want both Client and Server without VMware.
Sayak Ghosh

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
05 Jul 2013

Are you wanting Teradata Express or Teradata Studio Express or both? These are two different products. Teradata Express is a VMWare or EC2 image of Teradata. Teradata Studio Express is a client tool for access Teradata Database. You can download these products from the Developer Exchange download site:

sayaksitex 24 posts Joined 09/12
30 Jul 2013

Thank you for the reply..Actually I want to install teradata in my system of 64 bit(both client and server).
I guess its not possible at this moment without VMwire.
But if you have something please let me know. I want to install teradata (both client and server) in my 64 bit system.
Sayak Ghosh

Sun_shine_jgd 39 posts Joined 07/13
31 Jul 2013

I hope you have to do it with VMware player only

ashok_paswan 4 posts Joined 07/13
01 Aug 2013

My system CPU doesn't support 64 bit so is there any way that I can still install  Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware?


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