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mahesh_mm1 6 posts Joined 05/14
10 May 2014
problem creating insert Query

Hi fri,
            i ran one Query. it shows into the few records. i want to those records will convert to insert/select statemt. is there any op`tion in TD12.
           suppose oracle Developer willl have a option like insert/create/update for auto matically preparing the queries. is there any option could please tell me. In one senerion we have to require that type of opption.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
12 May 2014

Teradata provides an INSERT/SELECT statement. Teradata Studio provides an INSERT/SELECT template in the SQL Editor. In the SQL Editor, at the beginning of a line, type in the word INSERT then enter CTRL+SPACE and a pop up list of INSERT templates is provided. 

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