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xinyuzhang 4 posts Joined 10/15
02 Sep 2016
Option "User Choice (includes DBC)" not available in Teradata Studio 15.11

I installed Teradata Studio 15.11. For Data Source Explorer to list less objects, from Windows--Perferences--Teradata Datatool Preferences -- Data Source Explorer Load Preference, I try to select User Choice (includes DBC) for What to load. However, this option is grayed out.
I don't have the problem with the version 15.10.
Any idea?

carpenterangela 1 post Joined 08/09
06 Sep 2016

Is the "Show Databases and Users In Hierarchical Display" box checked? If so, uncheck that, and then "User Choice" should be available as an option.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
06 Sep 2016

Xinyu, A response was posted by Angela, but it was "unpublised" for some reason, so I will repeat what the solution is: Make sure that the "Show Databases and Users in Hierarchcial Display" is unchecked. This will enable the "User Choice" checkbox.

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