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sunis12 8 posts Joined 01/12
07 Jun 2013
New connection in my local machine

I am very much new to Teradata. I have installed teradata studio express on my windows 7(64 bit) laptop. Now I need to create database and connection.
1) I do not have a database- is there any sample database
2) When I try to create a new connection, it asks for 
    a) DB Servername    b) User  c) Password  d) Database
 Could you please tell me what details I should provide if I am just using it for the first time on my PC
It might be a very silly question, I would really appreciate if you could find time to help me in sorting this out :(

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Jun 2013

TD Studio Express is only a client :-)
if you want to connect it to Teradata you need to install TD Express first:


sunis12 8 posts Joined 01/12
10 Jun 2013

Oh thanks a lot Dieter. Will try it out

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