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01 Dec 2014
More general stuff with Studio

Starting to work with Studio and finding a few issues which may just be trying to find my way around a new tool, but some may be bugs.
1) When creating a table I can't find an option which allows me to create a value-ordered NUSI. I've got index options to make it Unique or not, but not value-ordered.
2) I tried to create a parameterised query which works when the parameter value is (for example) used in a WHERE clause, but I tried the following: HELP DATABASE ?\dbname; and this failed with "Parser error splitting statement". Is this not a valid use of parameters? Is the parameter value inserted into the query by Studio or is it passed along to Teradata as part of a USING clause?
3) How do i change the FONT size for my sql editor window and/or the result set viewer?
4) On the Preferences screen, clicking the help icon doesn't appear to do anything.
I am using Studio:

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fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
01 Dec 2014

1) We do not have all of the CREATE TABLE options available at this time. You can Save the DDL to a SQL Editor file and edit it manually.
2) Parameterized queries are passed to the Database by JDBC driver in PreparedStatement.
3) You can change the font size in the SQL Editor in the General>Appearance>Colors and Fonts Preference page. Select the Text Font and press Edit. The font size for the Result Set Viewer can be changed via the Format toolbar button or menu option.
4) We are aware that some of the Preferences Help screens are not appearing. Go to the Help>Help Contents for more information about those areas.

DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
05 Dec 2014

Hi Francine,
Thanks for that info, much appreciated.

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