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fnemling 1 post Joined 07/12
17 Mar 2014
Massive Number of Requests to DBC after installation

after Installation of Teradata Studio 14.10.01 we encountered a huge number of requests to DBC; apparently from Teradata Studio requesting information on database objects (~200,000 requests in this case within a day).

  • Can this usage be controlled ... or the behaviour changed?
  • This single installation had a huge inpact on the warehouse's performance... A mayor rollout at my client's would definitely bring down the entire system
  • Is querying every object individually is a good approach?... or did we encounter a bug in the current version?


fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
17 Mar 2014

Flo, As you open objects in the Data Source Explorer, we will run a query to retrieve information from the Data Dictionary. You can reduce the number of databases/users that are displayed in the DSE via the Data Source Explorer Load preference (Window>Preferences>Teradata Datatools Preferences) or by filtering the Databases list (specifiying to only load certain databases/users). Although it is a single query that gets the list of databases/users. If you never open the object in the DSE then no queries are run for that database. 
You can also cache databases and their metadata. The next time it is accessed, we will go to the cache file instead of the Data Dictionary. Of course this is not good for databases that have frequent definition modifications. 

27 Feb 2015

Can you please tell me where I can set the caching option for dbc access?
I try to use Teradata Studio ( Unfortunately the performance is very bad.
Every click takes me 10 seconds or more. The old tool Teradata Administrator is at least 5 to 10 times faster using the same tables on the same system.

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