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pbbass 4 posts Joined 05/11
31 Mar 2014
Load Timestamp


pbbass 4 posts Joined 05/11
31 Mar 2014

What table column data type makes sense for loading timestamp data from Excel ?
Currently using DT_Stamp TIMESTAMP(6) FORMAT "MM/DD/YYYYbHH:MI"
Excel data has:
2/5/2013 3:10:00 PM

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
02 Apr 2014

Paul, The FORMAT clause only applies to exporting data from the table. From the Teradata “SQL Data Types and Literals” manual: FORMAT pertains to data exported in report form, as is the case in BTEQ. FORMAT does not control internal storage representation of data or data returned in record or indicator variable mode. The Teradata default timestamp format is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MMSS.S(F). You will need the timestamp in that format from Excel. Can you set the format of the column in Excel to match Teradata? Another option is to load it as a VARCHAR.


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