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arun.sangal 3 posts Joined 04/13
08 Apr 2013
Install Teradata Client on Unix Sun Solaris SPARC and general x86 machines

In Windows, I have Teradata GUI client installed that I use to run some .bteq and .sql scripts/queries on a database. So, basically I click on the icon on the desktop for Teradata client and then provide ". logon database/username" and I'm connected. The version I see in Windows client for Teradata is showing me "BTEQWin" which does the job for me.
Now, I want the same capability from a Unix machine (I have 2 types: Sun Solaris Sparc 10 and other one is Generic SunOS x86 machine).
My questions are:
- Which client do I need to install to get the above funcationality working from Unix $ prompt?
- Will the same client for SunOS Solaris - work for both types of machines as I have mentioned above? 
- From where can I get the installer with instructions (in case I dont have the DVD)?
- What do I need to install as a pre-requisite before installing the client so that it works perfectly after installation.
Arun Sangal

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
08 Apr 2013

It sounds like you have a question for Teradata TTU install. Please repost your question to the Tools Forum. thanks.

reddi 3 posts Joined 01/14
09 Jan 2014

i am very new to the teradata, actually i need to install teradata 14.10 32 bit database client software in solaris x86 os mechine, so please provide the steps for install.
thanks in advance
Reddi. N

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
10 Jan 2014

@reddi, This question is for the Database Forum. Please post to that forum for a response. thanks.

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