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dahess 6 posts Joined 07/14
21 Nov 2014
Increase Java Heap space in OSX Express Studio?

Is there any way to increase the java heap space in the OSX version of Teradata Express Studio? I'm currently using version I'm running into a 'Java heap space' error. A little research showed that the java buffer's automatically assigned 256mb, and I found a couple posts mentioning an .ini file where that value can be increased. The .ini referenced isn't in the OSX version (that I could find). Does anyone know if changing Java's heap size is possible in the OSX version?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
26 Nov 2014

On OSX the ini file is in the application folder: control click on the application and choose "Show Package Contents" in the context menu.
Then it's in the MacOs folder (you might need to change the rights to be able to edit it)


dahess 6 posts Joined 07/14
18 Jun 2015

Thanks for the help! I never resolved the issue last year, ran into it again, googled it, and found this post of myself asking the same question in the past! I followed your instructions, and successfully increased my heap size (I just went up to 512M, for now).

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